If you own a business, have a website, and are investing in SEO (search engine optimization), generating effective backlinks should be a top priority.  Having high-quality backlinks can greatly improve your site’s search rankings. The volume of backlinks you build, will determine the popularity of your website across search engines.  As a result, your business will get more qualified leads.  High ranking websites in google, have an average of 4x more quality backlinks.  Without high quality SEO backlinks, your websites overall online presence will suffer.  

The Importance of Backlinks

While some people believe that backlinks are no longer valuable, they remain relevant and play a large role in today’s SEO landscape.  While high-quality content on your website plays a huge role in optimizing your search ranking, backlinks are still vital.  SEO backlinks continue to be one of the main ranking signals for search engines such as Google.  

How Can Backlinks Get You to the Top

There are a few key ways that backlinks can position your business on top of search engine results pages.  

  • Increase your website’s organic rankings
  • Boost your online reputation and industry authority
  • Create referral traffic
  • Speed up the indexing of your site
  • Build a stronger network 

How to Build Quality Backlinks

While in the past, you could improve search rankings by building multiple links to your site, google’s algorithm has now caught up and can easily detect spam links.  You must follow ethical practices in link building to avoid getting penalized by Google.  

There are a handful of effective ways to get backlinks to your website.  

  1. Producing relevant and engaging content is a proven method to get backlinks while providing your visitors with helpful information about your business.  Write for your audience and write for google.  Keywords also play a large role in when learning how to build backlinks.  Secondary anchor text should also be included.  A few other rules of thumb are to avoid repetitive content, incorporate effective infographics, create scannable content, write useful tips, and ensure you’re writing current content. 
  2. Guest blogging is another popular link building strategy.  Not only does it promote your business, but often reaches a larger and more diverse audience.  This method also expands your relationships.  Before utilizing a guest blogger, be sure to research your target audience, be aware of current topics relating to your industry, use relevant keywords, and make sure your guest blogs are unique and exciting.  
  3. Social outreach is crucial when it comes to link building.  The key to strategic social outreach is finding expert webmasters as well as industry influencers.  Reaching out to others can expand your network and promote your website. 
  4. Keeping track of competitors’ backlinks can also help you decide on what is working best in your industry and the most effective digital marketing strategies to implement for your business.  Knowing your competition will improve your processes.  To do this, you’ll need to identify their resource page links and determine which site owners to add to your connections.  

While rich content remains the gold standard of SEO, high-quality backlinks are a very powerful tool.  Backlinks have the ability to place your site at the top of search results and can create huge success for your business. 

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