How much does SEO cost?

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What is the cost for your SEO work?

We want to look at three main factors of your business when we determine SEO pricing for you. This helps us understand the scope of work required to rank your business.

Market Category

The category of your business’s product or service and its relation to its surrounding competition. This factors heavily into the amount of time and effort needed by the eOptimize team to achieve higher rankings.

Size of Market

This plays a major role in the cost of SEO. Businesses that are looking to rank in smaller more rural markets with smaller competition do not need to spend as much on SEO. Larger, more urban markets with stronger competition require a greater SEO spend simply because beating that competition is a larger job.

Number of Keywords

It’s important to understand how many variations of keywords we’re trying rank for because not all keywords are equally difficult or easy to target. Some keywords are harder to rank for than others, and some are difficult for certain businesses, but not for others. Not all keywords and not all businesses are created equally, so steer clear of SEO companies that base their prices entirely on keyword count.

What is the cost breakdown?

Any reputable SEO company considers the market, the size of the market, and the number of keywords when determining the cost for the SEO work needed to achieve results. We work with each of our clients to strategize their SEO campaign’s so it’s effective and cost effective for your business.

We’ve found many SEO companies overcharge for the work it takes to rank in a customer’s area, or they underfund a SEO campaign so a customer cannot rank. Avoid these companies, as overcharging and underfunding are both simply schemes to keep revenue flowing with no real SEO results.

What’s the ROI on SEO?

There are several metrics that can illustrate whether your SEO efforts are making an impact. The first, and most noticeable, of those metrics is where your website ranks when you search for a targeted keyword. With quality SEO work your rankings should steadily increase over time.

As your website placement in search results steadily increases, so should your organic traffic. The easiest way to track this increase is through Google Analytics (or an equivalent analytics tool). Analytics insights will show you where website traffic is coming from and help gauge an SEO campaign’s effectiveness.

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