SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is creating valuable, relevant, and compelling content that targets specific keywords to be promoted on various social media platforms. This can increase the authority of your content which can improve it’s rankings in Google for the selected keywords. High quality content will set your site apart from all other sites out there. Here are five crucial mistakes to avoid when creating an SEO strategy:

Skipping Keyword Research

While it may seem like a waste of time, this time-consuming step is vital to ensuring your content is optimized to rank for realistic search terms that users are actually searching. Without this research, your chances to rank may be at risk. Take the time to think about the terms you want to be found for. It’ll pay off.

Forgetting About User Intent

Before you start writing, it’s key to look at search intent. This is the purpose of an online search and why someone conducts a specific search. Users may be looking for a specific website, information, or they may want to purchase something. Search intent is important for SEO copywriting because if you write a sales focussed copy for a keyword with only informational intent, odds are you will not rank. You simply won’t meet the searchers needs. And if you do rank, the user will likely leave the site immediately when they don’t find the content they are looking for.

The solution to this, is to analyze the SERPs as you’re doing keyword research so you have an idea of the intent behind the keywords/phrases you’re targeting.

Not Utilizing Synonyms

Search engines are extremely smart and understand that some words have the same, or similar, meanings. Take advantage of this! Don’t fill your text with the same keyword over and over, but instead use synonyms of your keyphrase. This will help avoid boring repetition, and also increase your chances to rank for related keywords. Win win.

Not Putting Yourself in the User’s Shoes

Often content is written solely from the site owner’s perspective, without taking the user into account. While you may not know exactly what the user is thinking, it’s important to try. What you’ll likely find is that the user doesn’t necessarily care about your product related jargon or how amazing you think your product is, but instead what problem of theirs you will solve or what they can learn from reading your blog post. Don’t make the mistake of not thinking about the user’s perspective in your SEO copy. This includes the overuse of “I” or “we.” Focus on the user, not yourself.

Creating Unreadable Text

A very common mistake that people make in SEO copywriting is writing posts that are hard to understand. The more clear and readable the message of your text is, the larger audience you’ll reach and the less likely it will be that they will leave your site prematurely. Users should understand what you’re trying to tell them.

Writing can be hard, but there are a few tips to remember when writing SEO content. Everyone likes a nice, clear text without too many long, wordy sentences. Avoid big words and keep your structure tidy. This will help keep the reader’s attention while providing the information they need.

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